Experience the rewards of service to others.

We’re always grateful to the Volunteers in our Victim Services Unit.

When someone is a victim of crime, this is often a life-altering experience. Once our officers help the victim through the initial incident, we offer ongoing support for as long as is needed. Our Victim Services Unit is comprised of compassionate, employees and volunteers who care deeply about supporting their community.

The Victim Services Unit aims to:

  • Lessen the effects and trauma of crime experienced by victims
  • Minimize re-victimization of victims due to involvement in the criminal justice process
  • Enhance and Coordinate communication of information between the victim, police and criminal justice process
  • Assist the Police in providing a sensitive, comprehensive service to victims of crime and the community.

What do we require of our volunteers?

  • Pass all Regina Police Services security checks
  • Commit to 4 volunteer hours a week
  • Attend mandatory training   (Volunteers receive both mandatory training and optional training seminars offered throughout the year)

How does volunteering with us help you?

  • Learn how the justice process works from police report to court proceedings
  • Learn about victimology and the impacts of crime on the individual
  • Excellent introduction to the police process for those considering a career in policing
  • Supportive environment 
  • Training and educational opportunities
  • Volunteering is a reward all on its own!

Note: Due to high volume of applicants we are not accepting volunteer applications at this time. Please check back in soon!

Contact: Victim Services Unit