Your community. Your career.

Being an officer with the RPS gives you the chance to discover your full potential and change your community for the better. Join a service where you can have multiple career paths, excellent benefits and where no two days are the same.

The information required for submission of your application for the position of Police Officer to the Regina Police Service is extensive. Please ensure you allow sufficient time to diligently complete your application. Application packages with incomplete or missing information will not be considered until all required documentation is provided. We have included this helpful checklist to ensure your application is complete.
Basic Requirements
  • Over 19 years of age
  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Current Standard First Aid and CPR certification (Level “C”)
  • Uncorrected visual acuity of 20/60 in both eyes or better, OR 20/40 in one eye and 20/100 in the other eye or better (laser surgery acceptable after 3 months).
  • No marked degree of colour blindness
  • No criminal record and free from criminal involvement in 3 preceding years, e.g. thefts, illegal drugs.
  • No criminal convictions for which a Pardon has not been granted (a copy of the Pardon is required). No Criminal charges pending before the courts.
  • Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency Status. 
  • Excellent physical health
  • Good command of English, both written and oral
  • Valid motor vehicle operator’s license
  • Post-secondary education and/or related work/volunteer experience is an asset
  • Excellent communication skills

Applicants must also:

  • Be free of any criminal involvements in the preceding three years – detected and undetected
  • Have completed two years of post secondary education and/or extensive relevant work experience. Those who have will be given priority consideration.
  • Submit to a polygraph

What we are looking for:


We can be counted on because we are true to our word. Our officers admit their mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. We are all human but we know we must have the trust of our community in order to serve.


Our officers embody RPS values: Respectful, Professional, Service. We work to the highest ethical standards, act with integrity, and demonstrate our professionalism. We respect those we serve and each other.


We strive to be reflective of our community, not only in our employment efforts but in how we communicate and serve the diverse community that is Regina.


Policing is a career filled with change. Minute to minute or throughout an officer’s career, change really is the only constant. Being responsive to the community means environments, tasks and techniques will change and we must keep up.


Our officers are open to new ideas and willing to learn - both formally and informally. There is a lot to know throughout a career as a police officer and those who work here are motivated to acquire new skills and knowledge.


An officer’s most effective tool is communication. Being able to express and share ideas clearly, both orally and in writing, is key. They also need to be able to think outside the box when it comes to communication methods and channels.


Policing is a career where initiative makes all the difference. We want officers who take the lead to come up with solutions, accomplish goals and go above and beyond for the community and the RPS team.


RPS officers make judgement calls multiple times daily. Most of these calls involve the safety and well-being of community members and fellow officers. Logic, accurately identifying problems and determining solutions are crucial.


We need our officers to commit not only to their community but to themselves. Being motivated and ready to learn, develop and improve performance will lead to a career of delivering quality service.


We may wear uniforms but we are individuals. Respecting differences and working collaboratively to problem-solve is how we become the best we can be as a team.

First-year constables at the Regina Police Service receive a salary of $65,146 and this climbs to $108,628 for 5th year constables.

The Recruiting Process:

1. R1 Form

Our recruiters are waiting to hear from you!
R1 Form

2. Invitation Letter

You are invited to move forward and take part in the next phase of the process.


All applicants are required to take the SIGMA Test, a 74-question test that tests a person’s aptitude for policing.
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The Peace Officer’s Physical Abilities Test (POPAT) is a job-related physical ability test that is designed to simulate a critical incident where a police officer chases, controls, and apprehends a suspect.
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5. Screening Interview

This interview is an opportunity for the applicant to demonstrate they are qualified and prepared to serve as a police officer.
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6. Personal History Form

For applicants moving forward in the process, a personal history form is required to be completed. The form details a personal history, including family members, education, and work history.

7. Pre-Employment Polygraph

A certified Polygraph Examiner employed by the Regina Police Service will administer the Polygraph test. Test results are confidential. Depending on the outcome of this test, an applicant may be deferred to a future competition or disqualified from future competitions.

8. Background Report

A thorough background investigation will be completed on applicants who are proceeding from the Polygraph stage.
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9. Suitability Testing

This test determines the psychological suitability of each applicant. The tests will be reviewed and evaluated by a psychologist approved by the Regina Police Service.

10. Recruit Selection Board

This is a one-hour, formal interview with a panel including Regina Police Service executive, a senior officer and two front-line officers.
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11. Offer of Employment

Successful applicants will receive an official offer of employment for either a Constable or Special Constable position.
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12. You Are Hired!

Welcome to the Regina Police Service.

Experienced Officers

 Applicants currently serving with another Canadian police force may apply and will be subject to the same selection process outlined under the regular Police Officer selection process with the exception that Experienced Officers are not required to write the entrance exam.  Experienced members must complete the POPAT in 4:15. Hiring is followed by in house training and approximately three months Field Training.

Pay recognition will be given for service years. The maximum starting wage is that of a 1st Class constable. Pension and Seniority are not transferable.

Connect with us:

Sgt. Sheri Wild

Recruiting Officer

306 777 6467
[email protected]

Colin Hegi

Recruiting Officer

306 777 6659
[email protected]

Cst. Stuart keshane

Indigenous Recruitment Liaison Officer

306 777 8603
[email protected]