Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Police Officers get paid?

Police Officers are paid a salary in accordance with the collective agreement. The starting salary for a first-year Constable is $65,459. A First-Class Constable will be paid a salary of $109,176. A First-Class Constable is a Constable with 5 years or more service with the Regina Police Service.

Do I get paid when I am going to Police College?

Yes, the salary will change in accordance with the Regina Police Service collective agreement.  The current salary is $65,146 per year. *Based on January 2022 rates.

Is there a fee to write the SIGMA?

There is no longer a fee to write the SIGMA. It is now free.

How can I prepare for the SIGMA?

There are a number of books available, as well as practice exams. These can be found in the law enforcement section of local and online retailers as well as libraries. Please ensure you are sourcing Canadian literature and practice testing relevant to Saskatchewan policing and other Canadian jurisdictions that use SIGMA entrance exams.

If I wrote the SIGMA exam in another city do I have to write it again in Regina?

No, we will recognize the mark obtained in another city, but only another city in Saskatchewan as this is governed by the Saskatchewan Police Act

What is the POPAT and how can I prepare for it?

The POPAT is the Police Officers Physical Abilities Test. It is important that applicants are in good physical shape. The POPAT will put applicants through a series of physical tests/obstacles that mimic on-the-job physical demands. These obstacles must be completed in less than 4 minutes and 45 seconds or less in order to be accepted.


Applicants are required to run the POPAT successfully twice prior to attending Police College – once in the initial recruitment process and a second time 30 days prior to college.


The 4:45 time is a minimum requirement and those who attend Police College must run the POPAT again in under 4 minutes and 15 seconds in order to graduate. Therefore, we recommend training to the 4:15 standard or less during the initial application process.


It is important to start training as soon as possible for the POPAT— ideally, at least six months. Learn more about how to prepare for the physical test here.

Is there a fee to run the POPAT?

There is no longer a fee to run the POPAT. It is now free.

How often do we accept applications?

We are always accepting applications! They are placed in a data base and a list of qualified applicants is generated for each competition.

How often are competitions held?

Generally speaking, competitions are held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Where do I live if I go to Police College?

If you are hired by the Regina Police Service and live in Regina, you would reside at your current residence. If you are from out of town you are responsible for your own living arrangements.

What happens when I am finished Police College?

Once you have graduated from Police College, there will be an orientation period at the Regina Police Service. You will be assigned to a shift and will be teamed up with a Field Training Officer who you will be with for the remainder of your field training. The field training is approximately 5 months.

Is it necessary to go to University to be a police officer?

The Saskatchewan Police Act states you must have a grade 12 or the equivalent. One of the core competencies of a member of the Regina Police Service is, ‘A commitment to learn’. We see value in post-secondary education but also recognize that it is only one component in an applicant’s resume.


In the past, the RPS has hired applicants with varying educational backgrounds. Although educational experience in Justice Studies, Police Studies or other related justice degrees and diplomas often help gain a theoretical framework for policing, they are not required.

How long is Police College?

If you are hired by the Regina Police Service you would be required to attend the Saskatchewan Police College for 20 weeks.

How long does the recruiting process take?

Once you are invited by the Regina Police Service to participate in the competition, the process is 4-6 months in length.

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